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South Suffolk Conservative Association
Mission Statement – Opening comments for BDC Group
In the almost 40 years that it has been in existence, Babergh District Council has never been under the control of any one Political Party.
Following the elections of 2007 and 2011, the Conservatives have formed the largest group, but on each occasion have fallen short of achieving an overall majority.
All members of the Conservative Group strongly believe that we need smaller government and that council should provide all the services they are required to, whilst ensuring the cost to the taxpayer is kept as low as possible.
Babergh District Council
Living and working in this lovely part of our country is a real privilege.
I believe that a sympathetic eye must be cast over any new development to either our natural and built environment.
I also feel that as Conservatives, we must strive to improve the scope of opportunities available to all our residents.
                         Jennie Jenkins
                          Conservative Group Leader
Conservatives - Working for a Better Suffolk